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360-degree protection from cellular distractions and EM radiation

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Our Mission

Youkol provides the people you care for a 360-degree solution for the safe use of cell phones.

Our products are designed to avoid distractions relating to phone usage and to reduce exposure to EM radiation.

Thanks to a disruptive patented technology, Youkol delivers a solution that allows managed devices to be used more safely when driving, biking, walking, or just being indoors. 

Youkol keeps people you care for safer!

three symbols in a row. the left one is of a helmet with a microphone, the middle is of a stick figure talking on the phone with the phone to its ear, the rightmost one has a symbol of a smartphone and a finger touching it. on the stick man and on the phone are slanted lines, meant to mean these situations are forbidden according to Youkol.

Youkol Car

Youkol Car brings Youkol's technology to the driver's aid. 

Meet the Team

An image of Marco, Youkol's CEO.


Marco Luzzatto

Marco has more than 30 years of experience in the intellectual property field, developing a significant IP portfolio, mainly the field of telecommunications, digital health, wellness and e-learning. Among the techonologies which Marco invented or coinvented are: 3D-fax - a prize winning software technology for the transmission and authentication of graphic matter that allows the transmission and reception of a color image on a monochrome fax. Customized Messages for cellular phones - a de facto standard for ringtones in the mobile industry. Remote Coaching Service and Server – the first cellular nutritional awareness platform in Israel, offered by Pelephone and Orange. Marco also directed, on behalf of other companies, innovative projects in the fields of distance learning and medical imaging. In the course of his activity, Marco licensed several technologies of his portfolio, to world leading companies, such as Motorola, Sharp and Samsung. In his free time, Marco is an avid piano player.

An image of Eli, our Operations and Strategy Lead.

Operations & Strategy Lead

Eli Burbea

Eli served in the IDF as a Telecommunications Specialist. After his discharge, he gained extensive experience in the private IT and New Media sectors, all while studying in university in diverse fields. Eli holds an LLB from the Academic College of Law and Sciences, and a BA degree in American Studies and History from Tel Aviv University. Eli is a StandWithUs Fellowship Alumn since 2020.

An image of Davey, our Chief Product Officer.

Chief Product Officer

Davey Weissberg

Davey Weissberg brings 20+ years of experience in Product Development (Engineering and Product Management) across startups and large corporations. Most recently, as a Product Lead in Google, Davey worked on developing and launching innovative consumer facing apps at scale. Prior to Google, Davey worked at Bain & Co. leading teams of management consultants for due diligence and strategy. Davey holds an MBA from MIT and an Engineering degree from Tel-Aviv University. Davey is an avid triathlete and has completed several Ironmans.

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